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I Fish Pro Slip Stops


  • Use with I Fish Pro to detect bites, and trip your flag!
  • Features two holes to allow for various diameter lines.

  • Floating.

  • Each pack contains 3 Slip Stops.

The Slip Stop is a floating device that is threaded onto your fishing line. When you receive a bite, the Slip Stop releases the trigger mechanism. The flag will then trip indicating you have a fish on your line.  Each Slip Stop has two different line diameter holes to accommodate your line type.  Simply use a bobber stop to mark the depth that you are fishing, then thread on your Slip Stop.

I Fish Pro Accessories Bag

$14.99 + Free Shipping*

  • 6 Flags

  • 6 Triggers

  • 10 Slipstops

The I Fish Pro Accessories Bag contains six replacement Flags, six replacement Triggers, and ten replacement slip stops. Pack them in your sled because you never know how rough the ride will be getting back to your grand dads fishing grounds.

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